Manager’s Corner

Date: Dec 1, 2018

Station Manager’s corner

Station Manager’s corner

In this inaugural issue of the Station Manager’s corner, I’d like to address a myriad of matters without violating the economic concept of diminishing returns. The Station recently hosted one of its primary projects before the festive season recess, namely the finals of the Traditional Dance Competitions at Makhuvha Stadium on the 17th November. Despite the scorching heat, the event was a resounding success and this was as a consequence of the commitment of Phalaphala FM staff and sterling collaboration with the sponsors of the event, Radzambo Cultural Foundation. The commitment of Limpopo MEC for Arts and Culture, Ms. Thandi Moraka, and The Minister of Arts and Culture, Nathi Mthethwa, to support subsequent projects was encouraging. The participation of youth in various groups gave us hope for cultural preservation. The demonstration of “Unity in Diversity”, probably one the reasons why both the MEC and Minister were impressed, where different ethnic groups openly appreciated one another, was a great inspiration to the ideal of social cohesion. This proved prophets of doom, who celebrate the division of ethnic groups, wrong in that our people have always been one. The Station will continue to value Traditional Dances as one of its signature projects and has committed to ensuring that the finals,” other things remaining equal”, are held during the month of September to coincide with Heritage celebrations and to avoid the unbearable heat; moreover, as a caring Station, we have noted concerns that we should take into account the examination times as most of the participants are learners.

Phalaphala FM is truly humbled by the support that our loyal audiences have always shown towards our Corporate Social Investment initiatives through our Phalaphala FM to the Rescue projects such as Sanitary Towels and Donate a Shoe campaigns.  We have no doubt that once we make a call for our audiences to assist, they always respond positively as demonstrated by the number of shoes and Sanitary Towels we have distributed thus far. We also wish to thank our local businesses, faith based institutions and individuals who have responded to our call to make a difference to those needy children. There is no doubt that we’ve built a very strong emotional bond with our audiences.

We are cognizant of the fact that it is not possible to please all of our almost a million audiences and accept contributions and criticisms to continue to grow this brand; however, it will help us and indeed future leaders of this glorious Station, to have constructive criticisms based on facts and not malice. For those who choose to believe that the Station is going nowhere, it may assist to know that the target for audience growth for this financial year was to grow from 721 000 to 841 000, however, the Station has seen consistent growth in the past three diaries and is currently standing at 992 000, and we are hopeful that we’ll make the 1million mark by the end of the fiscal. Our revenue is currently standing at 103, 20% before the end of the fiscal.

We are the only Station which organizes Overseas Tours and this concept has launched local businesses to adapt a similar business model. We do not want to blow our own trumpet; nevertheless, we are simply providing our audiences facts that would assist them to offer constructive criticism.

As we drive the 16 days of activism campaign, we would like to remind our audiences that the Station has adopted 365 days of activism against the abuse of women and children; however, we continue to support the 16 days and encourage the nation to adopt a zero tolerances towards abusers. The Station also continues to support #disability 360 campaigns and will explore content that provides a platform for our audiences who are living with a disability.

Our Roads have suddenly become a war zone and we are equally distressed about the endless loss of lives. It is an open secret that most of the accidents are man-made and we are confident that the government is coming up with a strategy to address this phenomenon. As a public broadcaster, we continue to remind our people to exercise extra care by avoiding stopping anywhere else other than filling stations, to drive within the prescribed speed limit so that they may be able to control their vehicles in case objects are thrown in the road.

As we approach the festive season, fraud and schemes will escalate and we warn our audiences to be vigilant with their money.  Let us be careful with our bank cards, cash and cell phone numbers. Let us not be enticed into any deal which promises to yield extra cash, remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it most probably is. Schools will be reopening soon and please lets be cautious when we spend.

The festive season is upon us and Phalaphala FM Management and Staff wishes all our audiences a marvelous Christmas and a prolific new year ahead!



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