RIP Vho Sarah Masindi

Date: Oct 11, 2018

Muya wavho u edele nga mulalo

The deceased was born at Tshaanda village Ha Rammbuda on the 10th February 1949.  She was the last born daughter and child of the late Frans and Munzhedzi Masindi.
She started her primary school at Tshaanda Primary school, she couldn't progress further with her studies due to ill health.

When her cousins Maele Sirwali and his late brother Tshivhangwaho Raedani formed Adziambei band in 1982, they roped her in and her brother Johannes (Mufunzi) Masindi as singers.
She sang both as a lead singer and backing singer in many of Adziambei band's songs. She was a lead singer on songs such as vhusiwana, mboho ya musadzi, mmawe, tshinoni tsha madekwe, shango loima nga thoho,UK on delegates huavhavha sathane tshiabora, renga ludende and magowa mpengo just to name a few.

She had no children of her own. She passed away on Tuesday the 9th October 2018.
She will be laid to rest next week Saturday  at her family burial site Hatshikovha next to Mafhohoni village.


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