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Tico Liphadzi

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Dzi a Orowa (Afternoon Drive) 15h00-18h00 [Mon –Fri]

Dzi a Orowa (Afternoon Drive) is a youth orientated Magazine programme that focuses on social issues. The show is broadcasted from Monday to Friday at 15h00 -18h00.

  • The   main objectives of the show   are to educate, entertain and empower youth across all walks life. It addresses social lifestyle and other issues that young people grapple with and provides a platform for engagements on them.
  • It also updates listeners on Current issues and other relevant stories happening around them.
  • It also serves to expose talent among upcoming DJ’S by play listing their music mix tapes on Thursdays and Fridays. They also given an opportunity to market themselves through a 3min interview.
  • Presenters: Tico Liphadzi and Shandu Lukhwareni
  • Producer: Ndivhuwo Pfuluwani

Some of its Main features are:

  • Sports bulletin - Latest sports updates from Monday to Friday for a duration of 5 minutes per bulletin
  • Battle of closing song on Mondays (Tombo la u khunyeledza mbekanyamushumo) - Battle of two songs from the same genre whereby 5 listeners telephonically vote for one song which then became out closing song.
  • Light talk - We engage listeners on variety of issues through phone calls,   emails, Facebook page, twitter and whatsap  (Monday – Thursday)
  • Ndivho Ya Luambo – Language Empowerment Feature. A 5mins Tshivenda Language empowerment feature, the presenter asks a question and listeners call- in to give answers. The resident language expert for the month then provides the correct answer on the language usage. (Monday – Thursday)
  • SABC #360 Disability interviews - We talk to Youth living with Disability from different Organizations & schools (Tuesday). The main objective of this feature is to make people understand that disability doesn’t mean that one cannot achieve his/her dream in life.
  • Traffic updates - Vhembe and Gauteng traffic updates by Thabelo Magadani/ Patricia Magidi and programme producer Ndivhuwo Pfuluwani (Monday – Friday). Find Gauteng Traffic updates by programme producer Ndivhuwo Pfuluwani.
  • Vhupo Hashu Quiz – This is a   5min Tourism Feature aimed promoting tourism and encourages listeners to know their surroundings. The presenter asks three questions and listeners call in to give answers. Questions are based on different places in South Africa e.g. road names, schools, buildings, Rivers, Mountains, Indigenous places, stadiums, parks and other important  land marks.. At the end of the feature, the Producer provides the correct answers.
  • Ven rap 5@ 5 – this feature is aimed at uplifting Tshivenda Local artists by playing 5 uninterrupted Tshivenda hip hop songs at 17h00.
  • Taxi talk (Vhuendi ha nnyi na nnyi) – The feature comes once per week on a Friday at 16h10 for duration of 15 minutes. It is aimed at educating listeners about various public transport modes. The main focus being on the Taxi Industry which is the biggest and affects most of our listeners. This is done through a one on one interviews with the role players in the industry e.g: taxi drivers and owners, Commuters, Train drivers, pilots, Maxi drivers and owners, Ubber drivers, marshals or any form of public transport. They share their roles and responsibilities and experiences on a daily basis.
  • Artists Interviews - We talk to different artists on their new albums/ singles.
  • Youth & None profit organisations interviews – we empower youth on their projects

Comedy corner (Mudai wa duvha) – This is a 5min feature that is broadcasted from Monday to Thursday at 16h25.The segment is aimed at  putting  a smile on our listener’s faces or cracking them up  by sharing a joke of the day.

This can be through a pre- recorded joke   or live guest comedian, or presenters crack the joke with the producer.

  • Fridays Thursdays Mix (Muvango wa duvha) - Every Thursdays we close the show with a mix from our local DJ’s. On Fridays we open and close the show with a 25 minutes mix from different DJ’s playing live.


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